Thursday, September 26, 2013

Amazing Video of Sagrada Familia Completion

As I mentioned the other day, 2026 is the date that has been set for completion of Barcelona's most famous, most visited attraction, the Sagrada Familia, or Holy Family Basilica. In celebration of the announcement, the architects have made a pretty amazing video showing what is still to come with regards the missing bits, and stages. Enjoy.

Now that's pretty damn cool, right?!

One thing I'm not so sure about is the possible demolition of one of the adjacent buildings in order for the construction to be finished in accordance with the original plans. I think it's Calle Mallorca, basically in front of the steps, or where they will be, and I'm sure I saw a few years ago that plans had been made to tunnel traffic under the steps, or make them higher and effectively a bridge over the traffic, but can't remember - if anyone has any up-to-date information about that, please do share, and contribute in the comments!!

Considering that Notre Dame in Paris took about 400 years to complete, then it's not bad going for the Sagrada Familia, but then again, 2016 is a long way off, so who knows!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

2026 ? Sagrada Familia will be finished.

OK, it's been a while, and I really should have been back earlier, but to be fair, I've been researching a few posts and ended up with stuff which I couldn't publish, as links wouldn't work in Spain etc. (looking for a workaround), but what better way to return than a bit of news to the ultimate question around Eixample Dreta for the last 50-odd years?

Outside of Barc4elona Sagrada Familia on Barcelonasights blogJust when will they finish the Sagrada Familia? I've heard different stories over the years of living here about the process and completion of the most famous monument and most visited attraction the city has. One is that the reason process is so slow is that Gaudi wanted the cathedral to be "the people's cathedral" so therefore is being funded by alms/donations from the public. Another is that once all the overheads have been paid on every other attraction in the city by Gaudi, then any profit is then destined to the completion. I doubt this includes private homes that recently have been opened up to the public.

Other rumors surfaced that Japanese corporations would guarantee the work to be completed in 10 years if they could call it "The Sony Sagrada Familia" (obviously not Sony, but you get my meaning) - a no-no for the foundation, as it wouldn't be the people's, right? I also heard that because of the damage to Gaudi's original plans in the civil war (he created a statue of the bomber refusing a bomb from Satan inside the cathedral) plans were delayed as some of the world's best architects were brought in to complete the details. Something which goes in contrast to another reason that the delays were so prominent - an architect will never work as passionately on work which is not their own. So, you never really know who to believe, do you.

So, according to reports this week in various media, the likely date of completion if all goes to plan will be 2026. 3D printers, scale models and all sorts of stuff is being used to re-create the majority of the works laid down by the man himself which were destroyed. I think that seems a pretty plausible date. I've been here for over 13 years, and have seen loads been done since then - hell, it's open inside now for God's sake (no pun intented) !! So, 13 years from now I reckon stands them in good steed, right?! What do you think? Let me know in the comments as usual!!

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