Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barcelona Summer Week

No, not just 3 random words that sound right about this time of year, but the clever and easy name for the biggest Dance party this side of Sonar for the party goers. Barcelona Summer Week starts on 4th August and although the name suggests otherwise, runs for 4 days and nights! The location is the same as last year, up on Montjüic (where you can be relatively noisy without annoying too many people) and this year looks to be a party to live up to last years!

Barcelona Summer Week - Barcelona Sights Blog

The line-up sees some local residents to the scene and also some International players - with two arenas to choose from and the fresh (?) night air providing the backdrop, it's a party not to be missed. Tickets are already on sale and if you think your body can take 2 nights on the trot (6th and 7th August), then there's a discounted 40 Euros double ticket. Tempted?

There's also plenty to sink your teetch into in the days before the main event, with the big players in town joining in the warm up party. There's the Chiringuito at Bogatell Beach, Otto Zutz, Catwalk, Row 14 and SOLO club all getting in on the act. For full details and line up see the official site on the link above.

Are you coming to Barcelona for the festival? Go last year? repeating? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. And if you're looking for last-minute accommodation for the festival, try self-catering apartments in Barcelona instead of the hotel option.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Barcelona Gets Back on the Circuit

The summer is hotting up, and those festivals just keep on coming. Shortly it's the turn of the biggest Gay & Lesbian festival in Europe, and where else but Barcelona?! That's right, for the third year running, those party animals at Matinee have organised the 2010 Circuit Festival - with a jam packed week of events and parties ranging from Water Park fiestas, Big name Gay down town clubs, beach parties and this year also caters for both the boys, the girls, and the bears!

Circuit Festival 2010 - Barcelona Sights

The festival starts at the end of next week and goes on all through the first week of August, with some of the best spaces available to party! DBoy, Salvation, Souvenir and Martin's are the main ones you would associate with the Gay Circuit, but there's also Atlantida in nearby Sitges, and Razzmatazz and Row 14 as another "afters" venue. If last year lived up to its expectations, then this year has a tough act to follow, but don't doubt Matinee group!!

Coming to Barcelona for the festival? Let me know in the comments, and who you'll be looking forward to seeing. Also, if you're looking for accommodation, check out apartments in Barcelona as a great alternative to a hotel. And for a heads up on the rest of the city sights, see this great Barcelona guide.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grec 2010

In case you've been hiding under a rock, there's a pretty snazzy festival about half way through up on Montjüic which centres around the Greek Theatre. With an amazing programme of events, this year Japan is the guest of honour. Theatre, Music, Dance and Opera all play a major role in the proceedings, with family-orientated shows meaning everyone can join in.

Grec 2010 - Barcelona Sights Blog

Like most festivals that happen in the city, other venues join in to spread the performances around the city, with the CCCB, Sala Beckett, Club Capitol and Mercat de Les Flores amongst many other venues hosting events. For a full list of events and calendar, see the official Grec Site here.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outdoor Clubbing - Bora Bora

The heat is most definitely on. After Spain's recent triumph in the World Cup, there's that party atmosphere around which doesn't seem to want to end. So what better way to continue the fiesta than a party under the stars?! After a couple of the classics from last year, it's time to explore a few places a little further afield.

Bora Bora - Barcelona Sights Blog

Bora Bora is a bit of a trek for those planning on using public transport (i.e. don't bother) but if you have a car - and therefore a designated driver - you can head down to the open air marquee that is Bora Bora in Barbera de Valles (not that far). Every Friday and Saturday until the end of August, they have themed nights, with two different ambients - the main space is the dance floor with palm trees and the like, and then there's the "Carpa Play House" for a bit of a different style of music depending on which night you go. Check the site for specific nights (some rather more risquee than others) and head on down for a party in the open air.

Any more tips for some outdoor clubbing this summer? I'd love to hear them! Leave a message in the comments and we can get the definitive list! And if you're coming to Barcelona this summer, check out these great apartments for rent in central Barcelona as a great alternative to a hotel. Also, see this Barcelona City Guide for a quick look at the main sights.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Open Air Cinema with Sala Montjüic

First of all, a slight apology for those regular readers who might be wondering if I've dropped off the face of the earth. Nope, just been watching EVERY World Cup game as well as working so haven't had much time to blog! Anyway, on with the post...

Given the heat wave we're experiencing at the moment (about time!), it's ok to sit in air-conditioned cinemas watching back to back showings of the Eclipse Saga (no really, my sister in law did it recently) but what better way to plant yourself in front of a big screen than Cinema under the stars? In case you missed it last year, Sala Montjuic is back.

Cinema Under the Stars - Barcelonasights
Take a really old castle, some pleasant surrounding gardens a projector and a bloody good list of films, and voilà! You have Sala Montjuic. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it's worth the hike up to Montjüic for a concert, some shorts and a decent film - all in original version, too, so no cringing at the dubbed actors. This year it's started a little later, but runs until 6th August.

As usual, the range of films on offer are fantastic, and offer a real round-the-world of modern and classic cinema including Peru, Japan, Sweden and some classics from USA and UK: Charlie Chaplin, Stanley Kubric's Clockwork Orange, Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla and Revolutionary Road. For full listings of the cinema screenings, see here. There's also a chance to vote for te last screening on the 6th August between 3 films: 25 Kilates, Smoking Room or El Truco del Manco. At 5 Euros per ticket, it's a snip (3 for a deckchair, but you can take your own blanket and a couple of bottles of wine). And the best thing is, you don't need to nip outside for a cigarette!!

The castle is easily accessed via the Funicular at Parallel and the cable car, or there is a bus service from the pencils at Plaça Espanya from 20:30 and back down when the film is finished. Easy Peasy.

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Right, I'm off to watch Holland Uruguay. Predictions?!!
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