Monday, July 15, 2013

More Urban Graffiti - Or is it?

Any regular readers will know I love the Graffiti in Barcelona and it seems to have taken a shift in recent years to more planned style of graffiti with transfers ala Banksy, or pre-prepared copies that are pasted around the city like posters on the metro air vents.

So it's still fun for me when I find the cool ones that combine a piece of existing urban architecture - like a road sign - and transforming it into something completely different like this kind of thing. How cool is that? Ghostbusters on a no entry sign?!

So it's been awhile, but I saw another cool one  - perhaps more politically-laden in its message this time - just the other day. Et voila:

Same kind of thing, I know, but rings true with the oppression and impotence many sections of society are feeling at the moment with so much corruption and injustice on every single news bulletin all day every day. I assumed it was a one-off, and have qactually had this post ready for over 2 weeks. Then I saw this:

And this...
 And this...

And finally this...(quite probably my favourite)

So here's me thinking this is a fair bit of effort for some individual/s to go to and made me think it might be something else. A reliable guy I know who saw me taking photos, told me that it was "the guys with the reflective jackets on from the council" who put them up there. ?! Why on earth would the council be doing this ? Surely they might have dressed like that to "look" official and nobody asks them questions right? Or am I missing some kind of initiative from the council and road signs?! Please enlighten me if anyone does happen to know what it's all about - leave me a comment below! 

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Barcelona Harley Days

This weekend sees the return of Barcelona Harley Days, on the 5th, 6th and 7th July, in what's becoming a welcome annual event at the Fira de Barcelona. It's a coming together of the different walks of life that own and are passionate about those mean machines, and it's a whole lot of fun, too. 

 I took my kids last year (advance warning, you will see a lot of my kids in these pics!) as the stuff that's on during the day is great fun, and all free to walk around. We started the day with a live rock concert - they were really good, and very into it, considering it was the early afternoon!!

 My son at his first rock concert, head-banging with a hat on. There are hundreds of bikes of varying different styles, some super-tuned (there's a Gaudi bike. I kid you not. With a stuffed panther on the back). Some of the models you can get close enough to but those at the entrance are owned by the festival goers, so be respectful of their babies.
 Inside the day-park if I can call it that, there's loads to be entertained by apart from the rock concert, with bikes to try out, simulators on rudders (to have the experience of really "riding", a thorough history lesson, merchandising and care products, etc.
 There are activities specifically designed for the little ones (and the "big" little ones, with fairground rides just after the main bike bit) such as the moving surfboard thing - think a bucking bronco, but a surfboard instead. No, I don't know what that has to do with Harley Davidson either, but it was fun for my lad!

 Go on son!
...balance of a gazelle...

 And you can guess what happened next.
 So back inside for loads of pics with loads of bikes. These ones are exhibition bikes, so you're very welcome to hop on and have a little fantasy drive.

 More of the same. Sorry, I did warn you.

 Some cool backdrops.

 So my daughter obviously was doing the "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" thing with her mouth like a REAL HARLEY ENGINE. Loudly.

So this one is cool. The screen on the background has various different videos, and you get your photo taken by the Harley girls and then your photo gets put up on their website later in the day!! Cool or what?!
 You can't see that very well, but you get the idea...

 So if you look carefully, you'll see me there, taking an "arty" pic!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then my son joined in with the "brrrrrrrr..." inevitable really, hell, I wanted to do it!!! hahaha!!!! All in all, great fun, really well organised, and thoroughly friendly people. The thing goes on day and night, and there were a few party goes in full leathers that had had a fair few beers, and they were dancing around with my kids, all fun and games. So if you can spare a few hours this weekend, head on down!! Plaça España metro station.

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