Monday, September 8, 2008

Barcelona Post Office.

This might seem like a very random post, but I think that the main post office building on the corner of Via Laeitana is a great building and is often neglected to be mentioned in guide books, for example - who could blame them with so many great architectural masterpieces in Barcelona!

I have seen at least 4 camera crews outside the Post Office (always a Sunday) filming either film scenes or TV ads. One recent one saw a real Red London bus, and 3 people dressed in 50's attire repeatedly running up the stairs as if they were late for the Theatre.

And it's just that feel when you go inside - not a theatre, but almost a step back in time. The inside is huge and although almost all of the windows are not used, you can imagine in the heyday that there would have been hoards of people collecting packages recently arrived from the port, or ready to send things away.
If it wasn't for the modern day "de-du-luh" of the next number you've taken to be attended and the odd billboard for Movistar or Vodafone, then the dimly lit main hall is very atmospheric and really does take you back - I find it's very rarely busy, too (or maybe that's just me) which makes it quiet and even more like taking a step back in time.

If you happen to pass by, take a stroll up the steps and have look inside. the glass cupola gives almost all the illumination, and is a real beauty.

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen a beautiful looking post office, architecturally. The design is amazing. I wonder if the postal service there is as good as the building itself?
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