Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Barcelona Graffiti

As I mentioned on a previous post, I love some of the graffiti in Barcelona, and the great way that some shops decorate their dull grey shutters. This has the double effect of a big free advert in a modern art form, and also serves as a deterrant for the wanting to scrawl their tag on an open canvas, or in this case shutter.

The best place to see some of these quirky artworks is the old town, but not exclusively. I've seen some others in Eixample, for example - including the witch cafe shown here.

These pics are 2 of my favourites. The sausage makers in Raval for it's cheeky pig, warming and burning it's behind on the bonfire, and the other, running through the hills like Maria in The Sopund of Music. Classic.

The witch cafe, just because I think it's brilliant, and shows what amazing talent these guys and gals have - no prushes, all cans.

For more information on Barcelona, see this Barcelona Guide.

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