Wednesday, February 18, 2009

English Hair Salon in Barcelona

So, let's go back about 9 & 1/2 years. I picked up an English magazine in a pub (might have been "Metropolitan", can't remember if it was around then?!) and saw an ad for an English hair salon - "Don't let your Spanish come between you and your hair!" by Anthony Llobet's hair salon. This was a God-send for expats like myself, and I of course made the call. I went up to Gracia, off Fontana Metro station, down a street and up a couple of flights of stairs into Anthony's apartment, which was well kitted-out with certificates from London and Germany, as well as some cool paraphernalia of Barber's shops around the world.
Barcelona Sights - Anthony Llobet Hair Salon

Things have moved on a lot since then, and Anthony now has a great salon - still in in Gracia - which has become something of an institution, as well as a cool salon in the old town Raval quarters, an Eixample Salon, and a new place in El Borne.
Barcelona sights - Anthony Llobet Hair Salon

As far as I know, Anthony's the only guy in Barcelona who specialises in a "foreign" hair salon (his stylists are from Scandinavia, Germany, England, Spain, Barcelona itself, etc.) so is offering a great service for the thousands of foreigners living and indeed visiting Barcelona. I can highly recommend the salons (and no, I'm not getting paid to write this!) and have been using Anthony's Raval salon since it opened - even since my Spanish has been good enough to go to any old Salon anywhere. They're great professionals, and the salon itself is very cool (see images here!).

Anthony has salons in:

GRÀCIA - C/ Ros de Olano, 19 - Tel: 932 180 449 Mobile: 639 931 555

RAVAL - C/ San Pau, 122 - Tel: 934 413 177 Mobile: 645 257 506

EIXAMPLE - C/ Corcega, 364 - Tel: 934 574 211 Mobile: 691 330 188

BORN - C/ Carders, 34 - Tel: 932 954 871 Mobile: 645 257 628

Like what you're reading? Please comment below, and let me know your opinion if you've used Anthony's salons.

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