Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barcelona Pollution

Today has seen the various press sources cite the very James Bond-sounding "Barcelona Supercomputing Centre" and it's new findings that the traffic in Barcelona contributes to 80% of the levels of Pollution in the city. It's important to point out that this is human-created pollution, and not industry - of which Barcelona's Port is also a big contributor (no surprise there).

Car Pollution - Barcelona sights

Pollution in the city is a bit of a sore topic for Barcelona mayor, Jordi Hereu, after it was revelead that Barcelona is one of the worst polluted cities in Europe. Hereu has authorised many "Green" initiatives such as the Zona Verde which is zonal parking within the city centre but only for residents. The eco-friendly Tramvia was also completed and runs along such main avenues as Diagonal. There is also a no-car day (I think it was September last year? anyone please correct me if I'm wrong) in many of the central avenues of the city, too. Perhaps the most important measure of Herue's Green tactics against car users, was the reduction in 2007 of the speed limit in and around Barcelona to 80kph (much to the annoyance of commuters). This was actually opposed to by the RACC of Catalunya, stating that it would NOT reduce the amount of pollution in the city. It's a tough one, with the same newspapers today announcing the news of reductions for public transport for families of 5 or more (why not everyone?!) - what do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions on the topic. Have you noticed the pollution in the city? Do you think more should be done about it?

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