Friday, July 31, 2009

Barcelona Summer Week

Everyone knows that Barcelona is a haven for nightlife. Many of the DJ's in Ibiza are residents here in Barcelona in off-season, and the city has some of the best nightclubs in Europe. Talking about dance music festivals, it's impossible not to mention Sonar, but if anyone can throw the electronic dance festival off its throne, it just might be Barcelona Summer Week.

Barcelona Summer Week 2009 - Barcelona Sights Blog

The second of two huge crowd pullers this week and billed as the "epicentre of dance music and culture in Europe", Barcelona Dance week involves over 100 DJ's - including some of the top names in dance music such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Eric Morillo, Fedde le Grand and many more - 30 of Barcelona's best clubs, and even the stretch of beaches and chiringuitos along the Mediterranean coastline.

Barcelona Sights - Summer Week location The party week kicks off tomorrow in outside Villasar de Mar at SHE Club, with various events leading up to the showcase of next weekend, where the main Olympic area, just in front of the Palau Sant Jordi up on Montjuic will be used. Midweek madness sees some of Barcelona's top clubs involved in special Barcelona Summer Week parties. Clubs include Opium Mar (taken over from the old Baja Beach haunt down at the Olympic Village), Opium Cinema downtown, Elephant (boasting the city's best terrace, surely?!), the mother of all clubs, Discoteque (even if it has moved), Ex-FC Barcelona footballer Patrick Kluivert's Carpe Diem Lounge Club, Bucaro, Roxy, Universal, Sotaventobcn and the Lotus Theatre - good old Grungy Apollo gets in on the act, too with it's classic Nasty Mondays night. It looks to be one crazy week, and with the temperatures soaring this weekend, I'm sure the sun will throw a bit of madness into the mix, too!

Are you going to Barcelona Summer Week? Anything to comment? I'd love to hear your plans. I'm predicting a massive turnout (the website is claiming last 200 tickets on sale), and I'm sure it'll be a roaring success.

Looking for a place to stay for the festival? Why not try apartments for rent in Barcelona as a great way to chill during the day with mates, instead of a stuffy hotel room. And for a heads up on the rest of the city, see this cool Barcelona guide.


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