Friday, October 16, 2009

Barcelona in the Year 2159 ?

This year sees the 150 year anniversary of Ildefons Cerdà's plans for Eixample being approved. Who? Well Mr Cerdà was the brain behind the biggest neighbourhood in Barcelona, the extension between the old town and the little villages such as Sarria, Gracia and Poble Nou. Eixample now houses some of Barcelona's biggest attractions, including 5 of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Despite the current acceptance of Eixample as the city's biggest neighbourhood and it's relatively few problems coping with traffic and the like, apparently the plans were not universally accepted at the time. Either way, this year marks 150 euros since the plans were approved by the council, and there are various activities to celebrate this fact.

2159 - yes, that's my oven clock. Barcelona Sights Blog

So, in a clever move by the council, it's up to us residents to think about what Barcelona will be like in another 150 years - in 2159. Not only that, but a web has been built and everyone is encouraged to leave their message or time capsule right there on the web for others to see. AND these time capsules will be sealed and opened again in Barcelona in the year 2159!! Sounds cool, right? Well, check out the link for some funny videos and predictions from the residents of the city so far. There are some cool ideas....and some odd ones, too. Unfortunately the website is all flash, so I can't link to individual entries. Go and check it out yourself.

So, it has left me thinking. 150 Euros is a long time, and with the technological advances we have made only in the last 50 years, it's scary/impossible to predict what life will be like. Obviously (without trying to be too down about it all!) we'd have to sort out major issues with fuel sources and energy to power ever increasing computer servers and the like (robots?!). Just too hard to think about, really!
What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments and ideas. Feel free to comment below.

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3 comments: said...

Hola David,

from we're glad for your interest in the project. How did you get there?

After reading your post and your thoughts concerning the future of Barcelona, we want to encourage you to add your ideas in a time capsule in the web.

Although, the web is still improving, if you use Firefox you can download the videos in (for free). But we are looking for the best way to share the capsules.

Together we can reach as much people as we can with this project .
Because utopias can become true when a lot of people believe in them. :-)

We are in for any comment, doubt or suggestion.

We see you in Barcelona in 150 years!

David Brydon said...

Thanks for commenting guys! It's a great idea, and I'm happy to spread the word! I'll have a good think, and add mine soon...

I found the site through the anycerda web - and I've seen it publicised recetly on the street lamps around the city, too - I hope it's a great success!

Cuban Paul said...

Excellent blog.
The 2159 project sounds quite intesting.
Viva La Boro!

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