Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Barcelona Music Conference 2010

As if there wasn't enough going on in the city this coming weekend, with Barcelona Summer Week festival just around the corner, there's another big music event this weekend, with an enviable line-up as well. Barcelona Music Conference sounds extremely formal, and given the location at Fira de Barcelona you'd be forgiven for imagining something a little more organised and classical, perhaps, but it's along the same lines as Summer Week, with a stellar line up of top DJ's and the potential for another looooongggg weekend if you can manage it!

Barcelona Music Conference - Barcelona Sights Blog

Friday and Saturday, 6th and 7th August if you're looking for a party under a roof, then head to Plaça Espanya. As usual, there's a discounted price if you go for both nights. It's 35 Euros for each night, or 50 Euros for the two nights. The party starts at 5pm and goes on for the full 12 hours (likely more!) - just in time for the metro ride back home! Or if you're feeling particularly flush, you can get a table under the stage with a bottle for a cool 1000 Euros, and a snip at 500 Euros for the second bottle! Surely you could just nip across to Ibiza for the weekend for that price?!

So, are you heading to Barcelona Summer Week or the Music Conference? Looking forward to seeing anyone in particular? let me know and leave a comment below (no spam, please, I get bored of deleting spam emails!).

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David Brydon said...

UPDATE!! Change of venue for the conference to Sotavento in the Olympic Village. More info here: http://barcelonamusicconference.com/ubication/?lang=en_en

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