Saturday, October 16, 2010

Star Wars at El Corte Inglés - Photo Update!

The best

As I mentioned the other day, Plaça Catalunya's El Corte Ingles Department store has dedicated part of their 8th floor to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. I actually went last weekend but ill health has prevented me from updating (first the kids then mine!). Obviously I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, so the pics here are from phone cameras and therefore not of the highest quality, and most of the stuff on exhibition is in perspex cases with spotlights, which doesn't really favour a decent photo, either...but it's just a taste, too!

Inside the Falcon - Barcelona Sights blog

There is some really good stuff on display apart from the collecter-style scale models in fighting poses, etc. - signed posters, an amazing set of the complete original Hasbro action figures (which must be worth a fortune), many toys in their original boxes, and a couple of life-size storm troopers on a speed bike with yoda to keep the kids happy. Some interesting chunks of history as well such as the unbelievable demand for toys that the manufacturers in the 70s and 80s were not prepared for and their ways around this, and how the genre has even crossed over into other fantasy worlds (like Mickey Mouse!) for example.

Mickey Kenobi and Minnie Leia ? Barcelona Sights Blog

The various films are on a loop around the store and of course there's plenty of merchandise, lego, t-shirts and models to buy.

Speed Bike Model - There's also a life-size one - Barcelona Sights

If you're in the centre of town, it's well worth a 10-minute trip if you're with kids (mine loved it), or if you were born in the 70s ;o) like me!

Ever wondered what's under the mask??

Vader Unmasked - Barcelona Sights Blog

Finishing touches for one of the best baddies of all time...

Vader Helmet - Barcelona Sights

Newer Baddie Robots just don't have the same effect, right?!

Star Wars Bust - Barcelona Sights blog

Every kid's dream - Red leader anyone?!

X-Wing Model - Barcelona Sights Blog

I took loads of photos, but you should really head on down yourselves for a look, it's free, central and on until the 6th November.

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