Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faith Moves Mountains...of Cash

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (why would you do that with such fantastic November weather we're having?!) you will know that this weekend sees the visit of the Pope to Barcelona, specifically to consecrate the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and perform the first mass there. Huge screens are being erected outside the surrounding streets, much of the area will be closed off to the public without a ticket, and the metro will not be stopping at Sagrada Familia station for the whole of the Sunday.

Sagrada Familia entrance - Barcelona Sights Blog

With such a massive amount of organisation and public funding, it's normal that the protesters are out with the balconies adorned with the "Jo no t'espero" campaign against Aids and the suggestion of a massive Gay kiss-a-thon (something like this) on Sunday as well. It's also been widely reported that people have been renting access to their balconies in and around the Sagrada Familia for the big day at some pretty impressive prices. I think I saw a report of a TV station paying a whopping amount to a community who are going to use the cash to put a lift in their building! Good on them!

Big Screens at Sagrada Familia - Barcelona Sights Blog

All this as well, with the expectation that Gaudi might even turn out to be a saint!! Now, I'm not belittling what the guy did, and think he was a genius but absolutely crackers as well, but surely this is clutching at straws a bit? What do you think?!

Well, fear not people, as it's estimated that the Pope's visit will be leaving around 30 Million Euros in the fine city of Barcelona. Not sure how much everyday Joes like you and I will see of it, but it definitely shows that faith can move mountains. Mountains of cash!!

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