Thursday, January 6, 2011

Visit La Sagrada Familia for FREE!!

Good News people. If the 3 Kings didn't bring you everything you lost in 2010, you can at least brighten up your January with the news that it's going to be free to visit the Sagrada Familia on each Saturday morning in January.

Sagrada Familia Altar - Barcelona Sights Blog

After the Pope's visit and consecration of the Temple, Europe's wackiest - and unfinished - cathedral has been drawing the crowds even more than when it was just a building site with lots of men in hard hats smoking fags inside. My mam visited in November and made the effort to go in and have a nosey around, and needless to say came back with the usual glowing reports, "Oh, the photos don't do it justice" etc. which I fully believe. Having been inside various times since I've been living here, I did want to see the finished inside, but kind of didn't want to pay that much, as I've seen all the rest of it about 5-6 times, so this comes as good news to me!! hahah! Does that make me sound tight?!

Pillars and Beams inside Sagrada Familia - Barcelona Sights

Well, it's only opening from 9-14h, according to the news link and that may be subject to change (going by the story) so don't take my word for it, and double check if you're reading this at the latter end of the month, just in case.

Sagrada Familia Stained Glass Windows - Barcelona Sights

The whole experience of going is well worth a visit, even from the intricacies of the two facades (both on Barcelona's list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites) so to be given full access for nothing is a no-brainer (I think it's about 12/13 Euros normally).

Since it's completion, the inside boasts the information "Now that the architectural work on the interior of the great church of the Sagrada Familia is complete, its Dedication is an offering to God for all time. For its scale and its artistic merit, it is now also a Basilica". I'm not completely sure what the difference between Temple, Cathedral, Basilica, etc. all means but quite frankly you can give the place all the words under the sun that mean church cos it deserves them in my book.

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