Friday, July 15, 2011

Sala Montjuïc Returns

For those of you who've been following a while, you'll know I always like to plug the annual events that I think are well worth the mention. Many people find my blog from many different sources, and the very way a blog is set up (chronologically) means that it's good to refresh the evergreen content. So here goes with another one...

Sala Montjuïc has been running for a couple of weeks now, and is a great way to spend a summer evening watching some quality cinema under the stars. Movies are projected onto the walls of Montjuïc castle and spectators sit in the gardens to watch. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 22:00 there is a short film first (15 minutes) and then a mix of classic cinema and relatively new releases. For a full review of the programme, check the official link above, and then as usual, there is a vote for the final film - this year between Inception, The Dark Knight and Insomnia.

Entrance is only 5 Euros, and you can hire a deck chair for 3 Euros, or take along your blanket and picnic basket instead. In times of crisis, this is a cheap night out!

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