Thursday, March 15, 2012

Third Annual Puppet Festival! TOT Barcelona!

Well, time flies. I had a few posts ready as drafts for the rest of February and beginning of March, but that's too late now! I'd actually like a refund on February, cos it was terrible. My kids were ill, I was ill, then they were ill again. Never seemed to stop, really. So, apart from me being super busy with work, I'll try and keep up with the blog!

What better way to start, then with another one for the kids - big and small. This weekend sees the return of the Festival TOT  - the third annual festival of puppets and theatre. Puppeteers using their feet as puppets (no, really), different versions of The Emperor's clothes, shadow shows, giants there's all sorts going on this year and as always, there are workshops for families, kids, and shows for both young and old in the evening, too.

The festival starts tomorrow night, and takes place in Poble Espanyol which is a great place to host the event up on Montjuic. This year sees the Polish company, Bialostocki, offer a puupet version of Robert Scott's journey to the South Pole in the evening for the adults. Family tickets cost 25€ and then you have to pay for the individual shows that you want to go into, but this ticket also includes entrance to Poble Espanyol, where you can spend the whole day (they have kids gyncanas and all sorts of arts and crafty things like glass blowing and pottery making, etc.) so not a bad way to spend your Saturday or Sunday, right? Anyone been before? Thinking of going this year ? Let me know in the comments!

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