Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dancing in the Desert Anyone?

When I think of music festivals, being English, I think of mud and rain and the odd ray of sunlight in Galstonbury or T in the Park, or even those little local smaller ones you used to get. Sometimes I think of Sonar but that kid of takes over the whole town, rather than just one space with a few stages. And I usually think it's so annoying - even though you usually forget about it after a while - and it would be much better with the sun out non-stop.

Well, take that to the extreme, and you have ladies and gentlemen, this weekend's Monegro Desert Festival. Yes, you read right. A Festival. In the Desert. In Spain. In July. This Satuday 21st July, from 5pm, non-stop hedonism and craziness galore...see for yourselves.

You might not think there'd be many takers, but believe me, it's rammed. French, Italians, Germans, Brits, Spanish, it's got a real draw for a certyain crowd, and looking at the line-ups, you can see why. David Guetta topped the bill last year, and there are many, many big names this year, too.

The festival takes place, well, in the middle of the desert, near Fraga and Huesca - inland from Barcelona, but still northern Spain and the best way to get there is on a bus from Barcelona - full details on the website link above.

Anyone going this year? Let me know in the comments and we'll see who's looking forward to seeing who perform. Have fun if you are going!!

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