Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barcelona's Greek Theatre

Grec Letters on Stone Entrance to Barcelona Theatre
I've spoken many times about the great Grec festival which happens each summer, and the actual space of the festival - Barcelona's own Greek amphitheatre  - is a diverse space used for the Jazz festival, live music, dance and puppetry as well as just normal theatre. And we're not just talking Greek Comedy or Tragedy, here, the variety of different genres who have stepped onto that stone stage are as equal as the variety of flowers and plants in the surrounding gardens.

house and palm trees at Teatro Grec Barcelona
It's also just a really nice place to just go and have a look around, and outside of the festival dates, it's an open park with free entrance at the foot of Montjuic. These photos were actually taken in August, hence the amazing blue skies and vivid colours of the vegetation, but they're just from my phone with no filters, etc. so you can't really appreciate it unless you go!

garden views of Teatro Grec Barcelona
The theatre itself is at the back, and represents perfectly a typical Greek amphitheatre. It was built  - like nearby Poble Español and the fountains of Montjuic - for the 1929 International Exhibition of Barcelona, and can house 1900 spectators.
Greek Amphitheatre in Barcelona - Side View
The metal structure you can see on the left of the photo is for hanging lights/spotlights for night-time performances.
Top View of Greek Theatre in Barcelona
The acoustics  - made by the shape of the seats and the depth of the stage, means that amplification of voices and sound are at the maximum.
Small bridge and gardens - Barcelona Sights Blog

The grounds around the theatre itself are peaceful and well attended by the city gardeners. You can find many little corners in the 460m2 to sit and read a book, or just take in the nature around you.
water features and gardens in Greek Theatre surroundings

Inside of the white house in the above picture. It's a great place for taking panoramic pictures from the views that are surrounding the park, and the actual theatre itself.
wooden beams in housing terrace at Greek Theatre Barcelona

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