Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rollerblading in Barcelona - 3 Chimneys Park

Following on from my recent posts about rollerblading with kids in Barcelona, it's time for another place to explore which is very popular with skaters of all ages and boards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. and is located just on the outside of the old town, along Parallelo and is known as the three chimneys park. Likely that these were old rubbish towers to burn the refuse of the city's population (clarification welcome for anyone who knows, guys), and there are also old mechanical pieces such as the one below, converted into urban art. 

View of 3 chimneys park on barcelona sights blog

The park is an urban playground with plenty of smooth flagstones ideal for skating, and small benches, a bandstand/stage which is used to jump on/off/along/you name it, as well as slight gradients towards the back of the space (away from the road) to gather a bit of pace and speed. 
Graffiti walls at 3 chimney park - barcelona sights

This is a popular hang out for skaters and is also a great place for the graffiti artists (indeed the place of the best graffiti I've seen in Barcelona - yet to be beaten) and I have to say that the standard of the art on the walls is always high. It's a well seen spot from Parallel in car, for example, and I'm sure there must be some sort of code I'm unaware of between artists as to who and what can go up there.

vast space for skating at 3 chimney park

I was fortunate this past weekend, as it was pretty empty so you can see the amount of space that is around (that's my little girl again in a few of the photos), but maybe it was early in the morning.
stage for jumping from or onto at 3 chimney park in barcelona
You can see here above how it's easy to skate up fast towards this stage area, and you can "slide" along with urban skates or jump up on normal inlines, or jump off the back, too. You can see the benches here, too for those people who might be accompanying and not skating (it's a great place to just soak up the sun!)
Photo of bandstand at 3 chimney park on barcelonasights blog

Verdict ? Very cool place as it's so central. The disadvantage of Forum Park, for example, is the distance - we went in a car. I know that you can go along the various bike lanes, but it's a fair trek, and with small kids, would end up being a bit of a marathon to enjoy the actual smooth areas. This place is a great little urban playground for gaining confidence on different leveled surfaces, and with hardly any obstacles.

Does anyone else have any tips for other places? Specifically for kids? Or m ore geared towards adults? Let me know in the comments!! And if you fancy coming to Barcelona this spring, then check out the apartments that BCN Rentals have got to offer - some great deals!


Anonymous said...

The chimneys were to create power for the city - the metalwork in the park were part of them - I know someone who's dad helped build them in the early fifties - although I think they were started in the twenties.

Unknown said...

thanks for the comment, and yes, I imagined those random parts would have been something to do with it.


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