Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bowling in Barcelona

This post could carry on along some of the recent posts of mine about activities with children in Barcelona, but is one for the adults too, as it's Ten Pin Bowling in Barcelona!

As far as I could work out from a quick search on the internet, there are two places in Barcelona offering bowling - one in Pedralbes and the Zona Alta, and the one we chose, which is newpark bowling in La Maquinista shoping centre. There seemed to be one in Diagonal Mar but all the links to the web were broken so I thought it wasn't worth the risk. The one at La Maquinista was fine - free parking and it's also a rather large arcade game area, with a load of old classic Sega Games like Outrun, Afterburner, and some pretty cool air hockey tables and pool tables. But we'd gone for the bowling.

It'd been about 20 years since I'd last been bowling so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, and was hoping it would be similar as the way I remembered it. And fair play to the girl who was on (on her own, Satuday afternoon on the bar as well as the bowling desk) she took the time to explain everything, prices, shoe hire and the security bars for the kids (mine are 5 and 7).

The game was great, and the kids went first, and the bars alongside the gutter (for want of a better word, any bowlers out there feel free to correct me) came up automatically, very professional - last time I went that was manual. There were loads of different neon coloured balls to choose from with different weights, but even so they were a bit heavy for my daughter, so they had one of those handy ramps as shown in the photo above to give them a hand.

So, important things. Prices. We paid 19€ for the 4 of us with shoe hire, and took ages for the game (the toilet on the same floor as the bowling alley was out of order, so we had to keep going downstairs to the one next to Burger King. On a Saturday. But anyway.) Prices go up after 16h, and I think by chance we'd got there about 15:30, so got the cheaper price. It only goes up to around 25 € if I remember correctly so it's not a great deal of difference but still something to consider if you're looking to do more than one game. We had loads of fun, and my kids loved it as an alternative to going to the cinema or "indoor" activities as I like to call them for either a rainy day, or a really hot day when it's just too hot to wander around or run around parks. If anyone has any experience in the other one, I'd love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments!

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