Friday, May 30, 2008

Tourists just keep on coming to Spain !

I was reading in the local press the other day that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and tourism of Spain released figures for the number of tourists visiting Spain in the first Quarter.
Apparently, there was a 3,3% increase in the same period from last year, with a whopping 15,2 million foreign tourists landing on the shores of Spain. That's just in the first 4 months. I guess some people are not feeling the squeeze at the moment?!

Although saying that, the stats also went even further to suggest that the low-cost airlines are probably the main reason for the increase. 3,9 Million of those who came came from the United Kingdom - which has over 40 daily flights arriving to Barcelona and Girona - and second was Germany with 2,6 million - Berlin airlines is the EasyJet equivalent, and for anyone who's been to Mallorca or another of the islands will know, Germans love Spain.

I imagine that things will continue to keep growing numbers wise, as we approach the "high season" and the nicer weather. Well, the supposed nicer weather - the news this morning commented that in Croatia and neighbouring countries are enjoying a 100 year record of high temeperatures (34ºC) whereas Spain and Italy are struggling to cope with the rain.

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Anonymous said...

If it's one thing that always works for holiday makers, it's the combination of sun, beaches and culture. Spain has a rich culture, and espcially cities like Barcelona. Great blog!

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