Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to my Barcelona blog

As an Englishman living in Barcelona, I hope to be able to offer some insights as to what it's like living here as a foreinger, a few hints and tips as to Barcelona life - some do's and don'ts - and in general offer the kind of advice that maybe I could have done with before I moved here.
I've been living in Barcelona for almost 9 years and have seen many changes in the city, but one thing has never changed - the draw and appeal that Barcelona has. Whether or not you've visited the city or are planning a trip, Barcelona is one of the best destinations you could choose. Tourism is the main income in Spain as a whole, and Barcelona is one of the most visited cities. The rise of low-cost airlines has made travelling a lot easier and often cheaper than travelling within your own country - or at least I can say so for the UK. My parents often joke that it's cheaper for them to come and visit me in spain than it is to go and visit my other brothers who live in other cities in England.
I'll also be available for questions or advice and open to suggestions as to what people might like to read about. And i'll always be as honest as possible to give an informed and qualified opinion.


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