Saturday, August 15, 2009

Open Air Drinking in Barcelona - Part 3

OK, I'll be honest. I made a list of a couple of cool places I thought not everyone would have thought about going this summer when it comes to Open air drinking - apart from one big obvious one. This list was made in early June, and I've had this next place pencilled in to go and check out and take a few photos to add to the blog, etc. and it's half way though August and I still haven't been!! So I thought I'd better just get the bloody thing down, so you lot can all go and check it and and let me know if it's as good as it looks!!

La Caseta del Migdia on Montjüic - Barcelona sights Blog

So what am I talking about?! Well, despite featuring in the local and national press over here, I'd still say that la caseta del migdia is a pretty well-kept secret. It's a groovy looking little house up on Montjüic with a fair bit of woodland around it, and it's like an outdoor pub overlooking the working port and the Mediterranean. Sounds cool? Well, it' certainly looks it!

Open on Thursday and Friday nights from 8pm till 2am, Saturday from 11am till 2am and Sunday from 11am till 1am. There is food on offer from chef Marc Ros, and different DJ's spinning the decks on an evening - check out the website for full details and programme. You have until late September to check it out - if you get there before I do, let me know how it goes!!!

Looking for accommodation whilst you're in the city ? Groups of friends should definitely consider apartments for rent, Barcelona as considerable savings can be made. And for a digestible introduction to the city, see this Barcelona Guide.


Geotacs said...

sounds like a cool place to hang out!

thanks for sharing!


David Brydon said...

No problem - thanks for commenting - let me know if you get there before I do ;o)

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