Friday, August 7, 2009

Public Toilet Map for Barcelona City Centre

This might seem like an odd post, and it's definitely one for the tourists reading, but I think it's a pretty valuable addition to a guide book/photocopy to have in the back of your guide/map. Basically, it's a map I picked up for the local council office the other day (it's actually from 2006) and shows the location of all of the public toilets in Cuitat Vella - the 4 neighbourhoods of El Raval, the Gothic Quarter, Borne/Rivera and La Barceloneta. (Apologies for the por quality of the image but if you click, it's a bit clearer).

WC location in Cuitat Vella - Barcelona Sights

It's obviously a sore point for some bar owners in the city, who often have hand-written notes reminding people who stumble into their bar that "the toilets are for customers only" and the like. Pretty common around the old town, I think you'll agree. So the above map is actually something I'd love to be given if I was visiting a new city - OK, my kids can use a tree stump or a drain (they're both under 4) but it's not quite the same for me! So I hope this serves a purpose for someone out there, and saves you buying a coke somewhere when the last thing you want is to drink some more!

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Unknown said...

Hi, could you possibly tell me where you got the map from. It can be very useful for me but I can't really make out any of the details from the picture. This is quite urgent as i'm travelling to Barcelona in less than a week.

Unknown said...

Hi Omar. As I mentioned in the post, I picked up the map at the local council offices (you could go, too, it's open to the public) at Plaça Ramalleras - it's very close to Las Ramblas.

I have no idea if they still make the maps, but you could try?

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