Friday, November 6, 2009

Snow This Weekend in Barcelona - No Kidding

I've been here for ten years, and it's snowed about three times that I can remember. Last time was in about 2006 (?) and it reached the old town, too (usually just saved for Tibidabo). It never lays, I guess the salt in the sea air must play its part, and partly because it's never actually THAT cold. Obviously it's cold enough to snow, but only just.

Barcelona Sights - Barcelona Snow show

So this weekend there's going to be some snow. Only it's artificial. and up on Montjüic this time. Yes, the Barcelona snow Show starts tomorrow! The web boasts some of the most advanced technology for making artificial snow, and will showcase freestyle skiers, snowboarders jumping around on Europe's largest man-made ramp - a whopping 35 metres. And it's not all just for fun - the points gained in the freestyle competition will count towards the International Ski Federation's World Cup, too.

The event has a "village" down on the pitch around the ramp, which will have shops, merchandise and other free stuff to give away, too. Things kick off at midday and go on until 10pm, with various qualifying rounds before two finals. Sunday also has more activities planned for all in attendance and the village remains open. At 15 Euros for the Saturday or 18 for Saturday and Sunday, it looks like it'll be a good turnout. Let's hope the recent windy conditions don't affect the plans (no refund if the event is cancelled due to the weather!). Are you going to the show? Let me know in the comments, if you read this afterwards, tell us how it went!

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