Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Fertility Method Discovered in Barcelona - Watch Football

A funny story in the press this week made me smile. Apparently this week has seen a particularly large amount of births in Barcelona - larger than normal. According to Mercedes Rodriguez, supervising nurse in the Hospital Quiron of Barcelona, they are used to welcoming around 8 or 9 little people into the world on a daily basis, but this week has seen up to 14 or 15 daily births. And the reason for this baby boom? Football, of course.

Andres Iniesta with a dummy - BarcelonaSights Blog
Exactly 9 months ago, Andres Iniesta fired FC Barcelona into the finals of the Champions League final with a last-minute goal against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge. Who can forget Didier Drogba's insulting launch at the cameras? Barcelona went on to win the final of course, and then pretty much everything else that was thrown at them, leaving last season as the most successful for any team with an amazing five cups in one season - an unbelievable feat. Local radio ComRadio, even went as far to suggest that that the birth rate had increased a massive 50%!!

Not surprisingly, names such as "Andres" (Iniesta) and the rest of the Barcelona squad will be heavily registered this week. Not sure about the girls, although I suppose "YaYa" (Toure) could be a bit unisex ? No offence there to YaYa Toure, just thinking of possibilities here. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment below please!

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Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

What is Mr Iniesta wearing in the picture! A pacifier! Ha, ha
Iniesta's great!

Unknown said...

haha! Yes, Marta, but I'm English, so I'd say a dummy! ;o)

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