Friday, March 12, 2010

Cranberries Land on Barcelona

Ok, so I've been here for ten years, and while I'm firmly of the position that Spain is trapped in the eighties (sorry for you regular Spanish readers), I'm also surprised at the popularity of other bands, and tomorrow night showcases one of them.

Irish band The Cranberries are back in town, with the original line-up after 7 years, and no-one could be happier than the Spanish. Despite attempts by the band members to go it solo without much success, the band hots into town tomorrow night in a pretty good venue at the Olympic Pavello in Badalona, considering the band isn't promoting a new album and re-playing some classic sounds from way back when. To put this in perspective, the guys will be playing on the same stage as the Backstreet Boys, Oasis and Take That in recent years.

When I was an English teacher when I first arrived in Barcelona, I was surprised at how popular The Cranberries were in Barcelona, for one. Many a homework was turned in on pieces by the band, or listening exercises with music always seemed to gear around to them, and they (along with Phil Collins and Rick Astley) must earn a fair wesge from radio airplay over here, too. However that makes it sound like I'm complaining. Not at all.

In 1992, whilst still learning to play the guitar and rehearsing with my college band, The Cranberries hit the main stage and despite Justine Frischmann from Elastica publicly damning Dolores for rhyming "finger" with "linger", the band went on to enjoy great success across the world. Although I haven't read much into it, lead singer Dolores has had her fair share of problems, but you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow night will be a great night of nostalgia, and funny Spanish karaoke singing (I've also been victim, that's not a dig!).

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