Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Press Panic for Air Strike OK vs Japan

Calendar of threatened strike days published in La Vanguardia - Barcelona Sights Blog
A huge sigh of relief today for the tourism sector of Spain, but really the whole of Spain (which depends so much of the tourism trade) as an agreement has been reached over the proposed strikes of the air traffic controllers of Aena - Spain's public airport infrastructure.

As well as the chaos left from the volcanic ash of last year, Spanish air traffic controllers held the country to ransom with a random strike - a fact that went unnoticed in the majority of the European press. With tourism noting that the problems Israel had suffered earlier this year had begun to benefit Spain as well as the increase of foreiners visiting Spain each year despite the crisis, the announcement this month of the proposed strike in Easter Week, Summer and many other bank holidays and public holidays dropped like a bombshell and was widely reported in many newspapers, TV stations and websites around Europe with countries like Germany and the UK practically encouraging their citizens to go elsewhere.

So, what's the problem, then? Well, despite the strike now being called off, the column inches and TV stations are (quite rightly) giving non-stop information of the tragedy and possible nuclear disaster in Japan, and have no plans to dedicate time to clear the air - pardon the pun there - with news that the strike has been called off. Travel agencies desperate to save the Easter and summer holidays are fearing that it may just be too little too late with many European families already making alternative arrangements for their sunshine breaks.

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And for the more serious problem happening in Japan right now, please donate here.


Tumbit said...

Some Spanish union somewhere will have to come up with an attempt to sabotage Spain's tourist industry - just when it needs the boost to the economy the most - how about baggage handlers ?

David Brydon said...

God, don't tempt them...that would be a nightmare!!

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