Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sitges Car Rally - A Date for This Month

Despite the modern creations in the automobile industry, there's something special about the history of cars that can raise a smile more then the new hybrid model by the current big guns. I have developed a love for old cars from my father, who loved the old cars and would make us watch chitty-chitty-Bang-Bang every Easter/Half-term/Christmas. When you see one of these old classics alongside the cars on la ronda it always raises an eyebrow, but when you see more than one - or a whole parade, it's something special.

Barcelona Sights blog - Sitges Car Rally

Well, this month welcomes one of the biggest meetings of these classic cars in the Sitges Rally. Dating as far back as 1959, the Rally takes place at the end of March from the 26th to 28th March. The cars meet up at 10am at Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, and are on display until around 17h. The following day, all of the cars leave from Plaça Sant Jaume and make their way along the coast to Sitges. With between 80 and 100 cars taking part, it's a real spectacular with participants coming from all over Europe to join in the fun, dreesing up in period costumes to accompany the feel of their car and its age. Prizes are given out throughout the weekend and it's fun for all the ages. If you're in the centre near Las Ramblas or Sant Jamue at around 11am on Sunday, you'll be sure to see them passing by!

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