Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Graffiti Anyone?

It's been a while since I've posted about graffiti, but for those new here, it's worth mentioning that I quite like it. Not the scrawls and the tags left almost everywhere possible, and I'm not that impressed by those that are like transfers (although some are great - like real Banksy style) - I mean the real arty stuff that takes time, effort and real imagination and above all skill.

So with the week being Holy Week, and me having covered some of the cool traditions in the past such as the processions I didn't want to repeat stuff you'll already know, but have a lot of respect for this time, too. So when I saw the graffiti here below, I thought it might be (cheekily) appropriate to post.

Easter Graffiti on Barcelona Sights

It was raining, so it's a little bit blurred, but you can clearly see the "back from the dead" zombie theme and click for a bigger pic. Good Friday today, so maybe I'm posting a bit early as no-one has risen/come back from the dead just yet, but there you go. Not sure how long the work will last either, as the council are pretty quick in spending the public's money covering up some perfectly good stuff - but this is on a building site, so may be safe for a while. Thoughts? Leave me a comment guys.

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