Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Processions in Barcelona

Well, it's Good Friday (never really understood why it's called "Good" when possibly the worst event in the Christian calendar occurs?), and we're well into the Easter programme. Despite Spain being a catholic country, my experience tells me that in Catalunya the celebrations around this time are not as heavily attended and participated as in the likes of Andalusia, places such as Sevilla, where the locals practically camp out the night before to view the processions. Those chopsen to participate in the processions are literally thrilled and it's often the proudest moment of some people's lives (even if they're covered from head to toe). In a way, I appreciate the respect and reverence for the holy day and especially the tradition, but sometimes I can't help thinking they go a little over the top! Apologoies if that offends anyone (I'm Catholic, by the way).

Easter Procession on Las Ramblas - Barcelona Sights

So, what about Barcelona? Well, last Sunday was Palm Sunday, and many churches celebrate mass with the extravagant palms you see over here in Spain. Today there are tow places you can catch up with the processions. The first is Plaça Sant Agusti, which is centrally located, here and starts at 17h today.

At the same time, another procession leaves Plaça Sant Jaume - on the opposite side of Las Ramblas. These are the traditional processions each year, and I haven't actually checked the details and times this year (been very busy) so don't blame me if they're cancelled! At least the weather this year is better than last year!

The other big deal in Barcelona, is the giving of the "monas" - traditionally cakes made with the eggs that were saved from fasting through lent, but more often than not, chocolate sculptures are created and seems a shame to actually eat them in some cases (I saw an amazing full chocolate Leo Messi of about 3 mertes on the news this week). For details and photos, please check my post from Easter 2009.

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