Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carnaval Parade Parallelo 2013

Carnaval Week is well upon us, with today being (pancake!) Fat Tuesday or "Mardi Gras" and as I've written about here there are some great activities going on all week for Laia's festival as well as the carnaval celebrations.
Stage for Rua Carnaval 2013 Paral·lel - barcelona sights blog

Last weekend, there were various parades all around the city in almost each and every neighbourhood of Barcelona, and as has become customary, many of the South American communities represented in Barcelona and the surrounding area descended on Parallel to dance along and celebrate their own traditions on this pagan date. 

Tradional Costumes at Carnaval Parade 2013 barcelona sights blog
 Although it was  a bit more low-key this year in comparison to other years, the various countries represented  still gave a great show and the vibrant colours and music on display didn't disappoint.

dancing girls at carnaval festival - barcelonasights blog
 Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Honduras, Ecuador and probably a few more I missed all paraded down the avenue with traditional costumes and hats banging on the floor, bells on boots and elaborate costumes (the photos are hopeless, really and don't do it much justice at all).

Dances on Parallel - barcelonasights blog

Each group was represented by varied age groups  - toddlers up to retired ladies and everyone gave it their all. Despite the cold temperatures, there were a fair few people sweating and each dance was really energetic and infectious for the spectators!!
dancing men at parallel carnaval 2013
 These guys were particularly energetic, jumping up and down and banging their hats on the ground.

Traditional attire at carnaval 2013 - barcelona sights blog
 Some of the dances were so fast-moving, it was difficult to take pictures - I actually took way more then those I've added here, and the majority came out blurry!! Occasionally groups would stop and perform something a little more rehearsed in front of the stage pictured above and the "compare" would explain a little about each group (not only in Catalan, as he'd be reading some prepared text). For the part we were there, everyone applauded and cheered and it was all great fun.

barcelona sights blog - girls dancing
 For me, it was a perfect example of the things I love about Barcelona - the multicultural aspects being celebrated and given an opportunity to shine and educate us all about their own rich traditions and history in a small way - Aztecs, Incas and the like - and appreciate and value the addition to the culture we have today in the city. We should rejoice in the variety we're lucky enough to live with and be humbled by each group and their offering to the party.

dressed up bear dancing in Barcelona streets

Check out this guy in the middle - like the old copito de nieve albino ape at Barcelona Zoo! There were others dressed up as wolves and all sorts - great fun and my kids loved them!

Did you go to any of the activities over the weekend? Let me know in the comments! Fancy coming to Barcelona this spring? Check out BCN Rentals group accommodation choices for some fantastic deals on apartment prices!


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