Sunday, June 15, 2008

Does anybody really care where Christopher Columbus was from?

There is a fierce debate about the origins of Christopher Columbus, and the Catalans think they have a good case to claim he was theirs. This is a fairly complicated assertion based on lots of old and obscure documents, friends that Columbus had at the time, and various other circumstantial pieces which all generally lead to no firm conclusion.

Others claim he was Genovese, others Italian. Up until recently, this was said to be a never ending debate with one side presenting another obscure piece of Sherlock Holmes detective work and the other doing the same after another couple of months - all very petty if you ask me. That was up until recently.

Scientists have begun taking DNA samples from Italians, Catalans and others with the surnames "Colon, Colum, Columbus" etc. in an attempt to give a definitive answer to the question puzzling the few who care. Results were supposed to have been published almost 1 year ago, but there's still nothing appearing.

One thing is for certain; Columbus was a pirate, and I think it's funny that we're still non the wiser as to his origins - but it seems fitting, as when he set off on his voyage he had no idea where he was going, and no idea what he had discovered when he got there, either!

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Anonymous said...

I always thought he was Italian, but now you've thrown that into doubt! I suppose you're right, it doesn't matter, really, but interesting post!
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