Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some of my favourite bars in Barcelona.

OK, to be honest, I don't visit the bars as often as I used to - partly as I'm not out on the prowl any more (I'm happily married) but mainly as I have 2 kids (small) and the thought of a 6:30am wake up call and then all day with a hangover is not the most appealing one! HOWEVER, I'm still in touch with the nightlife to an extent, and wanted to share some of my favourite bars in case anyone's interested!

This will be an ongoing project! I'll try to include a mix of places, and they're part of a pub crawl that I used to do with friends which we finely tuned!

La Oveja Negra (Calle Sitges, just off Calle Tallers at the top of Las Ramblas). The black Sheep is a great place to meet people. They have long wooden tables and benches and the wiaters serve you jugs of beer or sangria (or whatever spirit you want), and you have to have a seat (or a barrel as a table) to have a drink, so you inevitably end up sitting next to some travellers or expats or even locals, and sharing stories.

Bar Marsella. This is on Calle sant Pau, neart to the rambla del raval, and the streets around are also the favourite haunt of the local prostitutes, but don't let that put you off. This is THE original Absinthe bar. Jean Genet wrote a book about his days here (rent boys, sailors having their worth of cheap gorg and drugs, and many a rascal) and frequented the bar. They have age-old bottles of absinthe on the bar ad give you the real deal with the spoon, sugar, etc. EVERYONE I've reccomended this bar to has been, and only half have managed to walk out (my best mate Rich, crawled out, and some recent Aussies spent the whole of the next day in bed!).

I plan on adding more to this list as it comes into my head and will also add photos as I see fit, but take it from me, you'll find some great places here!!



Paul said...

You sound like a guy who knows his bars and pubs. Good stuff and cheers.
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