Sunday, June 15, 2008

Midsummer Madness !!

This month in Barcelona is a crazy time for partying. As well as 2 music festivals there's also the longest day of the year - which means you can squeeze more partying into 1 day than ever before.

The night of the 23rd/24th of June is Saint John's day - Shakespeare called it Midsummer's night - and is a public holiday (it would need to be, as 80% of people would probably phone in sick anyway). This is the equivalent to UK bonfire night and in the US 4th July. Fireworks galore and bangers, air bombs, etc. are set off as early as last week (mobile stalls are set up around the city to sell the fireworks, so inevitably you have the kids buying bangers and the like!). all of the big clubs and discos have thier night for the "verbena" of all night party and some big names are attracted to the sell out gigs.

As is tradition for any Catalan festival, cava flows a-plenty and you have the traditional "cocas de sant joan" which are biscuit like sweetbreads, decorated with pine nuts, candied fruits, etc. and sell like...well cold cakes, cos they're not hot.

Barceloneta beach is a favourite spot to watch the sun go down and rise again, and is packed out every year. Guitars, bonfires, plentyof booze, and the Med are a great mix. The city's cleaners famously wait until 6am, and then police kick out the rest of the party-goers and the speediest clean up known to man goes ahead whilst disgruntled grandads in too-small swimming trunks complain about the youth of today.

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