Monday, August 4, 2008

Floor Plaques in Barcelona

One thing I've noticed walking around the city over the years is that Barcelona council awards certain places with a commemorative plaque (which looks like a drain top) which is placed on the floor on the path outiside the establishmet.

The kind of places tend to be well established stores, bars or even eateries. A few that I know are London Bar on Nou de La Rambla, "El Indio" textile shop on Calle Carmen, and Escriba cake shop on las Ramblas - you can see some photos here. Obviosuly the Escriba one on Las Ramblas gets walked over a lot more, so it's easy to see why it's more worn.

The text is in Catalan and is translated to "In recognition to your years of service to the city" and as you can see there are 2 dates - the early date must be when the establishment begun trading, and the later date, when the plaque was given. I have no idea how many of these are given or the frequency, but it's perhaps a little known fact about the city, and I think it's a nice touch.

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