Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gracia Festival

Already well underway is the Gracia Festival (August 15th - 21st), and is my favourite festival in Barcelona. Gracia is a small-ish neighbourhood just north of eixample, and is a favoured neighbourhood for students to live. There is an English cinema on Calle Verdi, and it has many bars around the various "plazas". The streets are quite small, and during the festival are adorned with various different decorations and mock ups and models - each year beoming more and more bizzare! There is also a prize for the best decorated street, and coverage is usually on local TV channels, too.

There is a drum parade, lots of fireworks and human castles, as proves popular in other neighbourhood festivals, too, and it's basically just one big street party!
It's a great festival and one to sample if you happen to be visiting the city during August.

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