Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best Barcelona Bars - part 2

This post desrves just 1 bar, and it's one of my favourite bars in Barcelona which never fails to impress. The Forest of the fairies or "El Bosc de ls fades" in Catalan. This is perhaps the weirdest bar you will ever walk into. It's not very well known, really, and is right next to the wax museum of Barcelona, tucked away at the bottom of Las Ramblas. If you see the photo, you would not be blamed for missing this at all.

The bar itself used to be a lot smaller but has been recently extended (by recently I mean at least 2 years), but the original bar was such an experience. Inside they have Hansel and Gretel style TREES complete with funny noses and gawking expressions. There used to be a little waterfall with a fairy, but that kicked the bucket. There is also some very weird artwork dedicated entirely to Satan (not sure why) just through the Portcullis towards the back where the toilets are (yeas, you read right!!). The toilets too are also very odd, with the neon strip lights above (I've been told that this is so that junkies can't see their veins and therefore not shoot up in public toilets, which may be true, but in this case I think it's just cos it's odd and fots in with the bar!!).

As mentioned, it's also part of the wax museum, so there are trick mirrors and funny dancing maids with flying tea trays. I know you will find this very hard to beleieve, so just mosey on down, you won't be disappointed!!

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Anonymous said...

I know the fairies one and it's a great laugh, my wife and I found this by accident one night, but I probably would never have found it again, thanks!
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