Thursday, June 25, 2009

English Comedy in Barcelona

Llantiol Theatre in Barcelona - Barcelona Sights Blog
Looking for a laugh in Barcelona? Head on down to Raval. Apart from a couple of sporadic nights in the odd Irish pub downtown throughout the year, there are actually 2 semi-permanent fixtures offering the best of English-Language Stand-Up comedy from across the water in the Raval neighbourhood.

First is the "Giggling Guiri" at the Llantiol Theatre located parallel to the Rambla del Raval, on Carrer Riereta number 7. This funky little venue plays host to some local Theatre events, but is a great venue for the comedy nights organised. Earlier this month saw 2008 If Comedy Winner David O'Doherty headlining, with other big names like Ardal O'Hanlon, Paul Tonkinson and Dan Antopolski having also shared the space on the boards, too. Prices have been slashed (I imagine due to the current financial "crisis") so there's no better time for some beer and belly laughs at Llantiol. For more details see the comedy in spain website

Just around the corner, on Reina Amalia number 3 literally 5 minutes walk away from the Llantiol Theatre is The Guinness Laughter Lounge at La Riereta Teatre which is a beautiful old Stone Theatre for around 100 people, and according to the laughter lounge website is "a cosy yet comfy arena for stand up comedy".

La Riereta Theatre - Image from

BBC 4's Adam Bloom is probably the most well known name to have performed at the lounge, but there have been some equally unknown comics bringing the house down according to the website, too. At the moment, there's no programme on the website, but sign up to their newsletter for more details of upcoming events.

If you're looking for accommodation close to the comedy events, you can try these old town apartments in Barcelona which are just around the corner. And for more information on the city in general, see this great Guide to Barcelona.


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