Monday, June 15, 2009

Barcelona Nightlife - Outdoor Clubs

Spring is in full swing, and this month sees the party of all parties as the summer annouces it's arrival with la verbena de Sant Joan where anything goes and people dance under the stars till dawn. So what about if you fancy dancing under the stars on another night? Well, fear not, as there are a few places in and around Barcelona that are like open air clubs and not sweatpits like some of the other clubs!

Atlantida Discoteque  - Barcelona Sights
Just outside of Barcelona, in nearby Sitges, is Atlantida - which is a club right on the beach and although it's maybe a little pricey, the location is fantastic. You can see from a Google map view below just where the club is located. It's also part of the well-respected Matinee Group - responsible for some of the best clubs in Barcelona. Many have come and gone (Discoteque, Space, etc.) but Matinee have been at the forefront of the best dance music in the city for the last 10 years, without a doubt.

Aerial View of Atlantida  - Barcelona Sights Blog
The times I've been we always went in a car, as it's slightly outside of Sitges itself, so public transport might be a bit of a pain, but you can always catch the train to Sitges and then take a cab.

Matinee opens on Wednesday (despite what the above link says) and is sure to have a packed summer again...fancy going? Let me know if they've changed anything for this year.

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Cuban traveller said...

I love nightlife in Barcelona. I really miss the city and hope to return soon to party all night. Great blog by the way. I love it!!!
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David Brydon said...

Thanks for the comment, Andrea, and glad you like the blog!

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