Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sala Montjüic - Cinema Under the Stars

June is a great month to be in Barcelona. If it's not enough for festivals galore, the Midsummer Solstice that is Sant Joan, the sunshine has finally arrived, and from the 29th of June, the Sala Montjüic returns.

Barcelona Sights - Sala Montjuic

After my recent post, guessing if people still do go to the cinema, what better way to see a decent film in original version than on a deckchair at Montjuic Castle?

For just 5 Euros (and 3 for a deckchair), you can join 2,500 other people on the lawns of the castle and enjoy some live music, a Catalan short film and then some great original version cinema. Screenings are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm, but get there early to avoid disappointment - tickets are also on sale in advance cia ticktackticket. This year's line up sees the show kick off with Martin Scorsese's excellent "The Departed" and follows with classics such as Hitchcock's "The Birds", 1923's "Safety Last", and the Cohen brothers' No Country for Old Men - which saw Spanish actor Javier Bardem pick up the best Oscar for a supporting role in 2008.

Sala Montjuic Cinema  - Barcelona Sights

Other entries from Sweden, Iran, Germany/Turkey and of course Spain feature, with Pedro Almodovar's "Volver" screening on the 10th July. This year's programme seems to have an excellent choice with even Pixar's WALL·E making the grade. The last performance is even open to vote on the website - 3 musical films choosing from Joy Division's 2007 film, Neil Young's Déjà Vu and Leonard cohen's I'm your man. It's a great way to spend a mid week evening in summer, and easily accesible via public transport on the Funicular, and cable car.

Thinking of coming to Barcelona this summer? Check out this Barcelona Guide for a good introduction to the city's sights, and check out apartments for rent Barcelona for your accommodation needs.


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