Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carnival Time in Sitges

Sitges Carnaval - Barcelonasights blog This month is a party month, with carnival starting in many places around the world. While Brazil remains the favourite destination for the spectacular street parades and jiggling bodies on display, there's a little place closer to home that can give you just as good a show - Sitges. The seaside town of Sitges is just a short train ride away and is a favourite Barcelona day trip for many. It's also a gay resort, and a great place for a party even when carnival week is not on, however, getting the change to visit for the parade is something everyone should try and squeeze in.

Carnival is all about hedonism, debauchery and letting loose. The traditions of Carnaval in Catalonia are taught from an early age, with school children all week joining in activities and dressing up for the arrival of "carnestoltes" who is king of the crack pots!

Starting tomorrow, Carnelstoltes and his queen move around the town, visiting schools and gearing everyone up for Sunday's procession. This is a great party evening, and is even repeated on the tuesday with more people. I went on the Tuesday years ago, when I first arrived, and it was a fantastic night. There are around 50 floats and about 3000 people who dress up and parade around the town and the beachfront. We stayed up all night (that was a big deal for me back then, as I was still in "going home at 3am mode" as per England, so if you fancy a really good night, get yourselves there. It's easy on the train (last one there, first one back, if you like) from Barcelona, or any of the neighbouring towns, but expect busy trains!!

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