Thursday, February 25, 2010

History of Barcelona - A Click Away

Barcelona has had a turbulent and interesting history. A quick visit to the city History Museum gives a hint of the rich history and culture left behind by the Romans when they began building "Barcino". However, a quick visit to the History Museum is not quite enough to soak up the huge amount of information at your disposal. Not to worry, help is at hand.

Old Map of Barcelona - Barcelona Sights Blog

Barcelona council has recently launched a digital project via their website, called Barcino to BCN. This is a 45 chapter, weekly offering of history from the best sources possible, including University professors and historians. So far, the chapters (first 2) have been very digestible, and nothing like a trip back to school and a History lesson about arable farming and the like (yes, I'm English). The best thing, and the reason for including it today on the blog, is that it's all in English as well.

Barcino to BCN - Barcelona Sights Blog

The web also has some great videos (mainly in Catalan), images and plenty of other documents for you to fill yourself with little nuggets of information. Take a look at this video, for example, which shows the evolution of the actual landscape of the city which we all take for granted. Fascinating stuff. As far as I can see, the site isn't giving any kind of RSS feed, or opt-in email, so it means you'll just have to bookmark the site, and check back periodically for the next instalments.

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