Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wall People in Raval

Social Media nowadays is capable of some pretty amazing things. Think UK Christmas number One single having a shift from the usual X-Factor winner last year, to angst anthem (which incidentally I love from first time round!) Killing in the Name from RATM. All thanks to a Facebook page. Then there was the recent Twestival held in Barcelona, too. So it's no surprise that social media plays a big role in this weekend's gathering of minds.

WallPeople - BarcelonaSights Blog

Facebook is the main player for this weekend's Barcelona WallPeople gig, which is a very cool idea - basically making the biggest photo murial in the city and all by volunteers (near to 500 now, so should be great!). The idea is simple: fill the wall behind the CCCB basketball court (Calle Valdonzella number 20) with photos, portraits, whatever, and stand back and admire. Starting on Saturday at 5pm, the idea is to fill the wall, and then from 5:30 to 7pm present the wall as an exposition. You can take away someone else's photos or collect your own, and if you'd like the person who takes your photo to contact you, you can leave details on the back (email, number, etc.). Hopefully that part won't be abused by some, and it's all just a great laugh for society and joining in. Being hosted in my favourite neighbourhood in the city (Raval) then I'm sure it'll make for a fusion of cultures, colours and fun.

Are you planning on attending? Let me know your ideas about the project and it's implications for you - feel free to leave a comment.

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