Thursday, April 22, 2010

Virtual Roses for Sant Jordi 2010

Whether or not the council was worried that the Volcanic ash cloud would scupper plans of the importing of 6 million roses to be sold tomorrow or not, it looks like there'll be plenty to go around. And even if you can't buy a rose for your loved one, the city's website has got an even eco-friendlier (and cheaper) version to help you out!

Virtual Rose for Sant Jordi - Barcelona Sights Blog

That's right, through the wonders of modern internet connections, citizens can send their girlfriends, wives and lovers a virtual rose for Sant Jordi! Not only that, but you can choose the colour of the rose you'd like to send, too!! And it's so easy, even your grandmother could manage it (assuming she has an email account).

For those of you wondering what I'm jabbering on about, it's that tomorrow is Saint George's Day - patron saint of Catalonia. For more details and history, see my post last year or the photos I took on the same day.

Let's hope the weather holds out, as last year was a great sunshine day, but the forecast is not too great for tomorrow!! Happy Sant Jordi day everyone!!

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