Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Reason to Visit Park Güell

Park Güell is probably one of the busiest and most visited attractions in the city. It's never in a top 10 list of visitor trends as it's free to get in, so difficult to get this kind of information. Late last year, Barcelona council had plans to charge an entrance fee to the park, in order to help with the costs to clean the park, clean up the graffiti, etc. Well, the plans were fortunately scrapped last month, meaning that it's still one of the best things to do in Barcelona for free.

Casa de la Guardia in  Parc Güell - BarcelonaSights

Well, if UNESCO World Heritage Status wasn't enough for you, Saturday gives you another reason to hit the park. The two Hansel and Gretel-style house at the entrance to the park have pretty much been ornamental thus far. Well, on Saturday, you can gain entrance to a fully-restored "Casa de la Guardia" or porter's house. This is a three storey building and was intended to serve as the park's porter/janitor/security guard's house. The restoration work has cost 113,000 Euros according to press reports this morning, and has restored the bright primary colours intended for the inside, and explains a little more about just why the idea of the park never quite took off - for those of you unaware, Gaudi and (funder) Eusebi Güell planned for the park to be an exclusive neighbourhood for the rich bourgeois, a kind of old fashioned Beverly Hills, if you like. Should be interesting!

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