Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barcelona Council Hands Out "Civil" Cartoons - Here are mine

With the hot weather arriving, so the droves of tourists head to the beaches for a cheap beer (or not) and soak up some of the Mediterranean sunshine. It's usually after this, wandering back home to their hotel or apartment that the locals start to become annoyed. It's a real pet hate in Barcelona to see scantily clad tourists parading through las ramblas and the surrounding parts wearing only what they had on in the sea.

No Swimwear Please - BarcelonaSights

So, in an attempt to bring a little more civil behaviour to the streets, the council have this week released a funny little cartoon for any restaurant, bar, cafe, etc. etc. owner to print off and presumably clart all over their windows in an attempt to clean up the image. Whether or not this will work is yet to be seen. Given the fact that Spain is still well and truly in an economic downturn, coupled with the recent Volcanic Ash cloud madness, I think many owners of bars and terraces around the town won't care two hoots as long as there are bums on seats. I may be wrong, but I have a hunch.

So, while they're at it, why not address some of the other terrible problems around Las Ramblas and the surrounding areas with these fantastically innocent cartoons? How about those silly Mexican hats that everyone buys? Sombreros are not Spanish, no-one wears them, but they're often seen.

Sombrero Etiquette - Barcelona Sights

Or how about another go at the terrible trileros?

So What about the trileros? BarcelonaSights

Is it me, or are there a few more important things to be worried about as the summer approaches? Last Summer was more than just a bad day at the office for the mayor, and whilst that particular problem seems to have been taken care of, there are many just as serious that need tackling. What do you reckon? Any ideas for new cartoons that we could add? Leave a comment!

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Elena said...


i found your blog by chance and started to read it, even though I am catalan and living in bcn too.

don't you think it is very ironic to encourage people to dress properly in a city where you are allowed to walk around completely naked?

David Brydon said...

Hi Elena, thanks for commenting. Yes! I know what you mean, and also can thin of 2 perfect examples - the old guy with the tattoo'd arse, and the guy with the beard - surely everyone's seen these people?!!

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