Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blast to the Past with Cypress Hill

OK, possibly another slightly indulgent post for me here. I just think it's cool that some groups I used to listen to as a young lad get back together and do some touring. Especially as these kind of groups never set foot in the north east of England when I was young (the closest I got was a ticket for Nirvana at Leeds and then Kurt shot himself a few months before).

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In the late 90s there were no cooler cats than Cypress Hill. Along with Jump Around by House of Pain, they were the American Dope-Smoking dudes rapping about...well, smoking dope. Infectious beats and lyrics combined with wacky voices made for a perfect recipe and they were considered as rock and roll rappers and it was perfectly normal for you to be listening to a compilation of grunge rock and mix it with the likes of the Hill. Well, the movie Judgment Night had some great collaborations on the soundtrack which included Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill and Dinosaur Jr with Del the funky homesapien (now with Gorillaz).

Anyway, if you fancy pulling out your black t-shirts and baggy jeans, and reliving those days you can't quite remember too well, then head on down to Razzmatazz on the 20th. I'm not exactly sure how the organisers are going to stop all the smoking going on in there, either, but we'll see?! Are you going to the concert? Looking forward to it? Let me know in the comments. And if you're looking for accommodation in Barcelona then consider renting an apartment for more freedom and space to relax. Also, if you're looking to explore outside the city, here's a link to the best Barcelona day trips.


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