Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parallel Parties This Weekend!

Parallel Party - Barcelona Sights Blog
This weekend sees a bit of a local party in the middle of Avenida Parallel. For those of you who don't know this area, Parallel is the Theatre area of the city, which I suppose you could compare to broadway in New York. That's certainly the idea that the current mayor wants in any case, making a "classy" avenue between the Port and Plaça Espanya where many popular conferences and conventions are held. There are many Theatres along Parallel and one in particular is undergoing a bit of a revamp - El Molino. El Molino is your kind of Moulin Rouge of Barcelona, and had been sitting in ruins for many years.

History of El Molino Explained - Barcelona Sights

There are many kids workshops with face-painting, giant dances, themed dances, live music and plenty to keep the locals entertained. Many cultural and charity works have stands and information explaining the good work done in the neighbourhood. There are also inflatable table footballs, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. for the kids, too - and a handy few Moritz bars at either end and in the middle for the parents/people without kids who want to quench their thirst!

Bollywood Arrives to Parallel - Barcelona Sights

There are many live concerts which are going on right until the wee hours, too. Part of the street has been closed to traffic, and the party is set to continue until the evening, so get yourselves down and check it out!

Handy Moritz Bar for Beer and Food! - Barcelona Sights Blog

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