Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Open Air Cinema with Sala Montjüic

First of all, a slight apology for those regular readers who might be wondering if I've dropped off the face of the earth. Nope, just been watching EVERY World Cup game as well as working so haven't had much time to blog! Anyway, on with the post...

Given the heat wave we're experiencing at the moment (about time!), it's ok to sit in air-conditioned cinemas watching back to back showings of the Eclipse Saga (no really, my sister in law did it recently) but what better way to plant yourself in front of a big screen than Cinema under the stars? In case you missed it last year, Sala Montjuic is back.

Cinema Under the Stars - Barcelonasights
Take a really old castle, some pleasant surrounding gardens a projector and a bloody good list of films, and voilà! You have Sala Montjuic. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it's worth the hike up to Montjüic for a concert, some shorts and a decent film - all in original version, too, so no cringing at the dubbed actors. This year it's started a little later, but runs until 6th August.

As usual, the range of films on offer are fantastic, and offer a real round-the-world of modern and classic cinema including Peru, Japan, Sweden and some classics from USA and UK: Charlie Chaplin, Stanley Kubric's Clockwork Orange, Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla and Revolutionary Road. For full listings of the cinema screenings, see here. There's also a chance to vote for te last screening on the 6th August between 3 films: 25 Kilates, Smoking Room or El Truco del Manco. At 5 Euros per ticket, it's a snip (3 for a deckchair, but you can take your own blanket and a couple of bottles of wine). And the best thing is, you don't need to nip outside for a cigarette!!

The castle is easily accessed via the Funicular at Parallel and the cable car, or there is a bus service from the pencils at Plaça Espanya from 20:30 and back down when the film is finished. Easy Peasy.

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Right, I'm off to watch Holland Uruguay. Predictions?!!


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