Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outdoor Clubbing - Bora Bora

The heat is most definitely on. After Spain's recent triumph in the World Cup, there's that party atmosphere around which doesn't seem to want to end. So what better way to continue the fiesta than a party under the stars?! After a couple of the classics from last year, it's time to explore a few places a little further afield.

Bora Bora - Barcelona Sights Blog

Bora Bora is a bit of a trek for those planning on using public transport (i.e. don't bother) but if you have a car - and therefore a designated driver - you can head down to the open air marquee that is Bora Bora in Barbera de Valles (not that far). Every Friday and Saturday until the end of August, they have themed nights, with two different ambients - the main space is the dance floor with palm trees and the like, and then there's the "Carpa Play House" for a bit of a different style of music depending on which night you go. Check the site for specific nights (some rather more risquee than others) and head on down for a party in the open air.

Any more tips for some outdoor clubbing this summer? I'd love to hear them! Leave a message in the comments and we can get the definitive list! And if you're coming to Barcelona this summer, check out these great apartments for rent in central Barcelona as a great alternative to a hotel. Also, see this Barcelona City Guide for a quick look at the main sights.


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